Discover stories from the web just for you
Hummingbird uses the latest AI and search technology to help you locate stories and videos on topics you care about and from sources you trust on the web. You set it up with just a few taps.
Your mix, your way
Select from a wide variety of topics-movies, celeb gossip, fashion, nutrition, soccer-to build your mix.
Dig into the topics you love
You choose if you want a topic to appear in Your Mix or its own feed. Just tap a topic and decide. Then Hummingbird starts searching the web for relevant stories.
Pin feeds that matter to you
Explore and pin feeds that you like, search for trending videos, or check what's happening in your neighborhood-all in one place.
Tune out the noise
The more you use Hummingbird, the better it gets at searching for and finding stories you'll like. You can also hide stories and sources, save search results, and share the links on social.